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Create a digital community for your club, boost court usage and increase new member registrations.

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A digital platform for your club

Partner with us and let our application bring players to your club and increase court utilization. Plus, our partnership adds exposure and credibility.

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A digital platform for your members
Create your digital club, give members access and see them engage more.
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Boost demand for your facilities
Be highlighted on our map, increase the courts' utilisation, and attract new members.
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Understand your members with data
Get to know your members and learn about their playing behaviour to engage with them better.

Improve the club life & communication

Create your digital club - give your members access and provide them with - a greater variety of partners and a digital way to organise themselves within the community. Increase communication with your members and engage with them in the best way.

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Boost demand for your facilities

The CircleSquare community always looks for courts & partners to play. Attract young members and increase utilization.

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Manage the club the way you want

Open your club to the outside community or make it members only. Either way, your members will have more variety in partners, and it will benefit the social club life.

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Become one of our first partner clubs

Try it out, three months for free - no tie-in! We customize our solution to your specific wishes and needs and set everything up, so you have no extra work.

Save time
Reduce administrative workload

Reduce repetitive work, and get rid of all those spreadsheets.

Provide your members with the loved CircleSquare app.

Introduce a new way of communicating with your members, and let them join the circle.

Increase demand for your facilities and win new members

Be visible for all circlers, attract young members and boost court usage.

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